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Florajen WordPress responsive development
Florajen WordPress development
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Florajen Website


Florajen, a leading brand in the probiotics market, is renowned for its high-quality products that promote gut health.

Recently, they expanded their product line with new probiotics and revamped their packaging design. They approached us with the exciting challenge of redesigning their website. Our goal was to create a fresh, clean, and engaging website that effectively communicates essential information and provides effortless navigation.

To achieve this, we adopted a meticulous approach to the website redesign process for Florajen. We combined user experience (UX) best practices, contemporary design trends, and a profound understanding of the Florajen brand essence. Our aim was to create a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics, ensuring an exceptional user experience for visitors.

“The Menard Design team helps connect a lot of different systems and teams for the ever-evolving Florajen brand. We have a robust network of interconnected websites, pieces of content, systems, and stakeholders (internal and external) and Menard is a crucial part of keeping it all together!”

Charlie Sissom
Associate Brand Manager
Bridges Consumer Healthcare